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December 16 - 2013
It is not easy to find quality items made in America, and sometimes we get the impression from silly brand owners at trade shows that make their products "overseas" that they will move manufacturing to America when pigs fly.  Well, we are so glad to tell you...
HGTV Gardens
Holiday Guide: Garden Gifts
November 19 - 2013
What better way to say you care for a favorite homesteader than a goat pillow from design duo Eric & Christopher? This adorable goat would also look great in a children's bedroom or make for a wonderful conversation piece in a formal living room.
+ DETAILS by Inside Lines
Boutique Buzzz: Boutique of the week
November 1 - 2013
We love these Eric & Christopher Totes from +Details by Inside Lines- Stop by scout & annie +Details by Inside Lines on November 1st for the signing party. Eric & Christopher will be there to sign their FAB totes and more. Owner Francesca Rudin tells us how she got started in retail, how she ended up in scout and annie and what she loves about it.read more...
New York NOW
October 31 - 2013
American Craftsmanship by John Ruggieri of True to US - The art of photography and hand screening is evident in the work done by Eric and Christopher and Kiku Glass. Both work in different media with beautiful results.read more...
The Washington Post
Destination Design: Downtown Frederick
October 27 - 2013
Salvaged (29 E. Patrick St.-Frederick, MD) By Jura Koncius "...Marathe [owner] has a real eye for accessories. Among my favorites were the Eric & Christopher pillows screen-printed in Bucks County, Pa., with photos of goats, chickens and other farm animals..."read more...
Pine Cone Hill
Eric & Christopher Capsule Collection for Pine Cone Hill
June 7 - 2013
Fresh American - Pine Cone Hill Capsule Collection
Psst! Have you heard of Eric & Christopher? If not, you will soon, because we think they’re going to be huge stars in the home-décor worlds. Meet the creative brains and hands behind some incredibly fun screen-printed pillows, totes, and stretched-canvas prints, and an all-new capsule collection for Annie’s own Pine Cone Hill.read more...
Citizen Native
Push Pull Print
May 30 - 2013
Citizen Native Blog about Eric and Christopher
Eric Fausnacht and Christopher Kline are the talented artists behind the line Eric & Christopher. The duo have made beautiful pillows and totes that feature clever personalities displayed through crisp prints onto a natural canvas. It is a perfect combination of photography, printmaking, and textiles.


Giftware News
Magazine Cover
May - 2013
Eric and Christopher on the cover of Giftware News Magazine
Our "CROW" pillow is on the cover of this month's "Giftware News"!!!

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