The stories behind the art
Have I got
a story for you!
The Fine Art of Eric Fausnacht
Original Oil Paintings and Screen Prints by Christopher Kline
...and so the story continues

....we had to use our imagination at this point to figure out exaclty just what our friend was telling us. As things would turn out camera envy from Sedgewick (the sheep in the background) took away from Mr. Ed's thunder. We'd no sooner feed the peanut butter to Mr. Ed and start rolling with the cameras only to find Sedgewick strolling into the shot. Funny thing about this was we would photograph him and as we did he would walk right under Mr. Ed to hide. Mr. Ed didn't seem to mind. Eric now had peanut butter in addition to Patti trying to get Sedgewick out from under the horse. Nothing short of a circus with 3 aritsts trying to pose 2 domesticated farm animals for a photo shoot.....Here's the final image of Sedgewick we were able to get today.



Cedric the Sheep Pillow